I don’t remember the dreams I have when I’m sleeping. Sometimes I’ll wake up with the feeling that something had transpired behind my eyelids during the night. Rarely do I wake with dread. Mostly, I open my eyes with expectation. But I keep this dream where I’m most likely to see it while I write. Also with expectation. Seldom with dread (though who doesn’t have those moments when we’re trudging rather than running to the laptop?). So, dream a little dream tonight. Or tomorrow, when you’re sitting down to write. . .or when you have a few quiet moments to let your mind loose.

Creating Conversations

Smart Summer Reads August 2020 08/30/2020 – 3:00pm to 4:30pm https://creatingconversations.indielite.org/

I’ll be part of the author panel for this fun, virtual speed-dating kind of conversation–the way I understand it, authors enter breakout rooms and spend some time talking about their most recent novel and answering reader questions. The moderator moves us along after some minutes (6-8, I think) to the next group of readers. It’s on the Zoom platform, but you need to connect with Terry Gilman to reserve your seat  310-542-6010

I’m looking forward to it and hope you’ll join us! Here are the other writers on the panel–check out their books!

Podcast #9 “Introducing. . .the Beatles”

Culling from past experiences and current events to add texture to setting.
  1. "I've Got You Babe"
  2. "Fly Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee"
  3. "Introducing. . .the Beatles"
  4. No Neutrality
  5. In My Town: an excerpt from The Book of Isaac