Queen of Cuisine, No

I’m very limited in the kitchen, for which I have never apologized ( because there’s a lot I can do). However, after two weeks of isolation, limiting myself to food shopping just one morning a week, lacking impressive ingenuity when left with a mix of seemingly unrelated ingredients, I think my kids will soon toss their white napkins in the air. And then take over the chore (my secret desire). I can bake, I love desserts and cookies and pies and scrumptious loaves of pumpkin bread and pound cakes (lemon, chocolate, marble. . .yum). And that’s what I should be doing. But for now, as the only grown-up at hand, I turn through the pages of my Betty Crocker All-American Cookbook willing inspiration to strike.

People, please, send me your recipes!

Making up for breakfast with a game of Crazy 8s.